Marketing Scales By- Dr. Boonghee Yoo

Marketing Scales

Here are scales Boonghee Yoo co-authored:

Yoo, Donthu, and Lenartowicz’s (2011) CVSCALE

CVSCALE is a 26-item 5-dimensional scale of Cultural Values at the Individual Level (Measuring Geert Hofstedes’ culture dimensions at the individual level).

Yoo and Donthu’s (2001) SITEQUAL 

A 9-Item 4-dimensional scale of Perceived Quality of Internet Shopping Site

Yoo and Donthu’s (2001) Brand Equity Scale

A 10-item 3-dimensional scale of Multidimensional Brand Equity (MBE) and a 4-item scale of Overall Brand Equity (OBE)

Yoo and Lee’s (2009) Luxury Fashion Brand Counterfeits-Related Measures

Purchase Intention of Counterfeits (5 items), Purchase Intention of Originals (5 items), Positive Attitudes toward Buying Counterfeits by Economic Benefits (6 items), and Positive Attitudes toward Buying Counterfeits by Hedonic Benefits (5 items)

Thelen, Yoo, and Magnini ‘s (2011) OFFSERVSENT

A 26-item 5-dimensional scale of Consumer Sentiment toward Offshored Services

Source: Marketing Scales – Dr. Boonghee Yoo