New Scales Development: Social Capital

Definition of Interpersonal Promotion: Social Capital

Nakata and Weidner (2012) defined social capital as trust, norms, and networks that can increase the proficiency of society by facilitating coordinated actions (i.e., BOP consumers heavily rely on social networks for information and tangible aid, and for learning from their neighbours what school to send their children to).

I maintain close social relationships with some members in my community.
I spend a lot of time interacting with some members in my community.
 I know some members in my community on a personal level.
I have frequent communication with some members in my community.
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Hasan, R., Lowe, B., & Petrovici, D. (2019). An empirical comparison of consumer innovation adoption models: implications for subsistence marketplaces. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing38(1), 61-80.