New Scales Development: Assimilationist Culture

Definition of Assimilationist Culture:

Nakata and Weidner (2012) defined assimilationist culture as a culture within which BOP consumers want to perform a behaviour because the product originates in a dominant culture, where a dominant culture attests to wealth, modernity, and consumption, presents images of an idealised life of social acceptance and comfort.

Affluent people who are important to me would support the idea of using bKash.
I think that those wealthy or modern people who are important to me would want me to use bKash.
Affluent or modern people whose opinions I value would prefer me to use bKash.
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Hasan, R., Lowe, B., & Petrovici, D. (2019). An empirical comparison of consumer innovation adoption models: implications for subsistence marketplaces. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing38(1), 61-80.